Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Picking Blueberries

We picked the blueberries in this week’s hilbarn box ourselves. They’re from neighbouring Crestview orchard in Lebrina not far from Lilydale. It’s blueberry season, and after one of our wettest winters, this is one of the best: so much fruit, each branch laden down like huge eyebrows touching the ground.
Picking fruit is one of life’s pleasures. And along with a swim at Lulworth, picking blueberries at Crestview is a highlight of our north eastern summer. Crestview’s car park paddock was nearly as full as Woolworths' last Sunday afternoon. With a perfect blue sky and a soft breeze, this was something families do. It’s hard not to listen in to fellow pickers’ conversations across the blueberry hedgerows. Nothing really important is said but life is exchanged along with a love of blueberries. Some pick in one place leaning over the bushes; others sit on their haunches and pick their way up through the branches. Whichever, buckets were soon full to the brim, and children were running back for more.
The loveliest thing is when you realise you are discriminating: not every blueberry needs to be picked. You only recognise this in times of abundance. Leave the not so ripe for someone else to pluck. The truly blue, silver-coated plump berries with the bottom nearly bursting at the seam are the ones to prize. Eight kilos picked in 90 minutes; seven point five made it home…

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christine said...

Those were the most delicious blueberries we have ever tasted! YUM! That punnet's contents disappeared in double quick time.